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All guestrooms are universal design.
Bright and spacious guestrooms let you feel at home.
We have verious types of rooms that fit your preference.

Check-in: 3 p.m. / Check-out: 10 a.m.


Japanese Traditional
(all rooms are non-smoking)

Bright and barrier-free traditional Japanese style room of 2 sizes (8 joh and 10 joh)
Pick the one that fits your needs
There are Tokonoma, chairs, and luggage space in the room. TV and a refrigerator are built into the wall shelf to make the room spacious. Please enjoy your relaxing time.

Room Type Japanese style
Bathroom spec Western style toilet only
No bath/shower
Capacity 4 people in 8-joh room, 5 people in 10-joh room
Room size 8-joh (33㎡), 10-joh (39㎡)
Bed Size No beds


A panoramic view of Unzen moutains through the window.
A room of wood-based design will provide warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Room type Western style
Bathroom no bath/shower
Western style toilet
Capacity 2 people (2 beds)
no extra bed available
Room size 24㎡
Bed size 120cm

Premium Twin
(all rooms are non-smoking)

A bright room with a gentle sun light from the window.
Please spend a comfortable time in an upscale high-quality space

Room type Premium Twin (3 types of interior)
Bathroom no bath/shower
Western style toilet w/ washlet
Capacity 3 people (2 regular beds + a low bed)
Room size 36㎡
Bed size 120cm

Japanese Twin 10-joh
(all rooms are non-smoking)

A combination of relaxing tatami floor and soft and fluffy bed makes wide range of guests stay comfortably

Room type Japanese Twin 10-joh
Bathroom no bath/no shower
Western style toilet (w/ washlet)
Capacity 4 people (2 beds and 2 futon)
Room size 39㎡
Bed size 120cm

Japanese Twin
(10-joh and 12-joh)

Beds on the tatami floor; a space of relaxation and comfort
Calm interior design and modern atmosphere make your stay a comfortable one
There is a choice of Stylish (10 joh) and Superior (12 joh).

Room type Japanese Twin
Bathroom no bath/shower
Western style toilet w/ washlet
Capacity Stylish: 3 people (3 low beds)
Superior: 4 people (3 low beds + sofa bed)
There are 4-bed type, too
Room size 39㎡(Stylish), 40㎡(Superior)
Bed size 120cm



For your convenience, we provide amenities in guestrooms and public baths.
There are massage machines in the rest area as well.

Wheelchair rental

All guestrooms are barrier-free and guests can use our wheelchair free of charge. Please ask at the reception desk.

Foot massage (charged)

[Business hours] 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
[Fee] ¥850 (10 minute)

Multi-purpose field

Our multi-purpose field can be used for ground golf, etc. The field is separated into two courts to accommodate different size of groups.

[Amenities/Equipment] toilet / AC / TV / satellite TV / refrigerator (no mini bar) / hand towel / tooth brush / tooth paste / bath towel shampoo / conditioner / body soap / hand soap / room wear / drier / comforter / razor / washlet / Q tip
[Service/Activities] massage / golf / Shogi (Japanese chess) / Igo / Mahjong / gym / play ground / tennis (all charged)