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Seiuonso is a 5-storey reinforced concreat building built in 1999 in compliance with the anti-quake standards.

  • 1F
  • 2F
  • 3-5F
●Game area 
●Public baths 
●Reserved baths 
●Outdoor baths 
●Souvenir shop 
●Rest Land Amaryllis 
●Rest area 
●Vending machines 
●Play ground/Tennis court 
●Parking lot

Souvenir Shop

Our souvenir shop handles delicacies of Shimabara Peninsula and local sake. Original brand shochu "Kojigoku" is one of popular items and it can only be purchased here!

Business hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Rest Land Amarillis

Next to indoor baths. There are tatami space and chair space to let hot spring users rest after bathing. Food and drinks are served. Shochu can be ordered by bottles. Enjoy tasty drinks after hot springs.

Kojigoku Onsenkan

On the backside of the building, there is a spring source that produces an abundant amount of hot water. The milky white spring water is directly pored into the bath tubs and visitors can relax forgetting time. It is famous for skin care effect.

Multi-purpose field and tennis courts

Seiunso has a multi-purpose field where guests can play ground golf and gate ball. It is large enough to use half by half..
There are 5 tennis courts (all-weather) located next to Kakitsubata Park about four minutes from Seiunso.

Hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Price Tennis court fee: ¥800/court/hr
Multi-purpose field: ¥3,000/court/half day

* Discount rate available for guests of Unzen hot spring hotels

Parking Lots

There are five parking lots in the property that can hold up to a total of 200 vehicles. We also have a bus parking lot.

Price Parking is free
●Banquet rooms

Banquet Rooms

There are six banquet rooms of various sizes that can be used for any type of parties.

●Guest rooms 
●Vending machines


At Seiunso, guests of any generation can stay comfortably in a bright and spacious guestrooms. There are basically three types of rooms; Japanese, Western and Special. All rooms are non-smoking.

Room Types