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Seiunso is located in Unzen National Park at an altitude of about 700m.
Let us introduce the attractions we offer through four seasons, from outdoor hot spring baths to fine cuisines.

SPA JAPANESE TRAVELLERS’S INN Outdoor hot spring baths make you feel the beauty of four seasons.

Abundant milky white hot spring water is called "Bihada-no Yu" (water for skin care).
You can fully enjoy the scenery of Unzen's four seasons physically and mentally.

Kojigoku Onsen - a secret hot spring that surprises even hot spring maniacs

A five-minute walk from Seiunso takes you to Kojigoku Onsenkan.
It is said that Shoin Yoshida visited this spa. The retro wooden building gives you a secret hot spring feeling.
Since the source of the spring is located immediately next to the spa building, fresh hot spring water is directly pored into the hot tub.
Enjoy a spa atmosphere that is totally different from that of Seiunso.

GUEST ROOMS All guestrooms are universal design.

Bright and spacious guestrooms let you feel at home.
We have verious types of rooms that fit your preference.

Bright and barrier-free Japanese-style guestrooms are available in two sizes; 8-joh and 10-joh.

We have guestrooms called Superior Twin and Premium Twin Rooms where western beds are set on tatami mats!!

Rooms are well-equipped and Wi-Fi is free

We provide Samue (Japanese comfort clothes), duvet, and various amenities to make your stay comfortable.
We also have wheelchair near the entrance door. Please feel free to use.

RESTAURANT Seasonal cuisines made of local ingredients

We prepare all the dishes with chefs' hearty care using ingredients produced in Shimabara Peninsula.
We hope you feel the changes of the season by our dishes.

We stick with handmade breakfast with local ingredients.
A large variation of dishes are offered.

Let us deliver seasonal dishes to you to begin a great day

BANQUET Six banquet rooms for various purposes

We have six banquet rooms to respond to various guests' requests.

Not only for parties. Can also be used for meetings

A banquet room with a stage. Karaoke is also available.

SIGHTSEEING Rich history and great nature. It's the first national park in Japan.

Unzen florished as a secrid ground even earlier than Hieizan or Koyasan and it's history goes back 1300 years.
Seiunso is located in the oldest national park in Japan at an altitude of about 700m.
Experience the profound history and great nature.

We will give you a ride to anywhere in Unzen hot spring town.

We will provide transportation to any place in Unzen hot spring town, including .Unzen bus stop, Unzen Jigoku, golf links, tennis court, Vidro Museum, Toy Museum, or the entrance of hiking trails. Please feel free to ask.